Next week our time at Tomb of Sargeras will come to an end, we've had a good run in ToS and managed to get up to 7/9 with our Maiden kill. We've had moments of struggle, but the majority of our team have stuck through it and managed to get where we are today, so good job guys!

But next week is a fresh start with Antorus, the Burning Throne.
On Wednesday the 29th there will be a Normal mode raid set up for all our raiders and it would be ideal for as many to people to turn up as possible. We want to move fast and get everyone to have the fights in their head, ready for Thursday's Heroic Raid.

We will then continue the Wednesday raid every week on normal untill we have begun our Mythic Progress.

On Thursday we start our push through Heroic, we're aiming to clear to 10/11 within the first month. It's alot of bosses to push and will require everyone to be prepaired.
Check this post for all sort of different tips/guides ect.

Ashkani 10 bosses of hc within 1 month ? rather clear HC in 2 weeks tbh. lets not be stuck in HC for that long. be prepared ppl...
Temeijer 8/10 QUICK MATHS
Jazzeh But it is not on fire :OOOOO


Grímbold posted Nov 19, 17


Grímbold posted Nov 2, 17

Trinkeey Nice job :)
Rekya Better than my screenshot where everyone was done and leaving the room
Grímbold I think the green weed makes it more artistic.