Unfortuntaly, we have reached the point where we simply haven't got the raiders to hold consistant raid currently. As much of effort as Grimbold and Ashkani have put into searching for new recruits, to find people that suit our team and also are the level Mythic requires is no easy task.

Everyone putting aside their Thursday and Sunday nights only to find out it was nothing, isn't good for anyone.
We will be having a raiding break untill the release of Tomb of Sargeras.

(Estimated release of late May - early June.)

I would to thank everyone for the commitment they have put into the guild and raids, a special thanks goes out to Protus, Wolk, Aerrin, Catniszer, Shamzon & Naagi as well for exceptional Attendence and Grimbold & Ashkani for putting hours in outside of raids to fill our ranks.

For any of you that want more from Nighthold & Mythic Progression and wish seek new homes i wish the best of luck to you, your always free to use myself to give your applications credit.

For the rest we'll see you in Tomb of Sargeras.

Gagball Off to play eve online then. Ill check back when Tomb comes.

Trillax... It's dead.

Grímbold posted Mar 23, 17

Grímbold Ha, that 1% wipe at the end too...
Grímbold Yeah that one and google's one were pretty sweet.
Wolk Nice bomb interception @ 3:14

2/10 mythic!

Grímbold posted Mar 23, 17